About Maurice Nunez

My name is Maurice Nunez and I have a passion for capturing the live moment. The first concert I went to as a kid was the "We Will Rock You Tour" - Queen 1978 at the Los Angeles Forum. I also remember my father taking me to "California Jam '77" (huge festival), Rod Stewart ('79), Kiss ('80) and even Adam & The Ants ('83). Of course I was extremely young, but I knew I always wanted to be as close to the stage as possible. What a better way to do it then to be a concert photographer!

Between the years of (1998-2004) I mainly used a Fuji Finepix point & click zoom camera which resulted in some really nice shots (none of which I've been bold enough to post here - at least not yet). Eventually I stepped into SLR photography and in 2005 I began with the Nikon D50. These days I shoot with my Nikon D3, my favorite camera for low light situations. I enjoying working with natural light best. If I can avoid using the flash I will. The faster the lens the better!

I have been working with DANZIG as the official concert photographer for the last 10 years. My work has appeared on a few albums covers including (Danzig, Prong) as well several music publications. 


  • Live Music Photography
  • Band Portraits
  • Tour Photography
  • Special Projects
Contact me to discuss rates and your photography needs. I am available for national and international assignments.